• Managing Committee

    "The key to public-private partnership is a relationship based on trust, professionalism and a shared vision for the greater good of the society. PAFI will focus on ethics; winning with integrity and fostering informed policy formulation."

    Harish Krishnan,
    Vice President &
    Managing Committee Member

  • Managing Committee

    "As India opens and the economy expands, the need for industry and government engagement is growing. PAFI is a strong start to give public affairs the boost it requires."

    Rahul Sharma,
    President &
    Managing Committee Member

  • Managing Committee

    "Public Policy is the delicate art of balancing diverse interests of society – government, academia, industry and public at large, for achieving the greatest good of the greatest numbers. PAFI will be the vehicle to
    achieve this."

    K C Ravi,
    Secretary &
    Managing Committee Member

  • Managing Committee

    "Public Affairs addresses issues around & creates 'CREDIBILITY'. By exception not visibility - which Public
    Relations does."

    Raman Sidhu,
    Treasurer &
    Managing Committee Member

  • Managing Committee

    "Don't mistake activity with achievement."

    -- John Wooden, American Basketball Coach, 1973

    T S Vishwanath,
    Managing Committee Member

  • Managing Committee

    "I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business."

    By Michael J. Fox, quoted by Lorne A. Adrain in 'The Most Important Thing I Know' US (Canadian-born), an actor

    Rajeev Batra,
    Managing Committee Member

  • Managing Committee

    "Public Affairs services enables business. It is our mandate to build an association that builds a body of professionals that provides ethical solutions to complex issues across stakeholders."

    Prema Sagar,
    Managing Committee Member

  • Managing Committee

    "PAFI seeks to recognise strategic role of public affairs, provide a platform to share best practices & work towards building a credible global network of public affairs professionals."

    Ajay Khanna,
    Founding Member


Leading Corporations, Industry Associations, Advocacy Groups, Consulting Firms, Government Organisations & Bodies and other public affairs professionals are invited to the Membership of The Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI).

The membership will be in the name of the Firms/Corporations/Consulting Firms/Government Bodies and will entitle the member organisation to appoint two individuals to attend regular proceedings of the PAFI; the member company will have one voting right only; cost, if any, towards participation at specific events would be separate.

Membership Benefits

  • Networking - The forum offers a number of opportunities for members to network with fellow public affairs professionals from leading corporations, associations and consulting firms regularly.
  • Collaboration – Apart from the networking activities, the forum provides a platform for firms facing similar challenges to collaborate, exchange information, ideas and best practices for achieving desired results.
  • Training & Development – The forum facilitates the sharing of expertise and domain knowledge during regular meetings on policy-making procedures. It equips members with tools to engage with their stakeholders better.
  • Research & Publications – The forum will provide members and parent organisation with insights into and the analysis of policy developments/changes across sectors.
  • Consultancy – The forum will act as a platform for members to access its pool of knowledge which spans across sectors and will help the organisation/individual in its/his/her respective stakeholder engagements.
  • E-fora – The forum offers collaborative services through e-fora like LinkedIn, Huddle for easy access to information and opportunities.