Current Openings

Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI)

Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI) is the only platform for corporate public affairs practitioners in the country. It is formally established about 12 years ago and has representation from large and medium-sized transnational Indian and foreign companies from all sectors. PAFI’s objective is to redefine the paradigm of engagement for businesses with external stakeholders, such as Governments, Media, Civil Society and Academia. PAFI is committed to raise and maintain standards in Public Affairs, Public Policy & Advocacy and to enable the industry to attain recognition and credibility. In addition to providing this unique platform to the Public Affairs professionals for the exchange of ideas, and best practices, PAFI is also engaged in building capability, providing training and guidance to the budding Public Affairs Professionals and institution building.


  • To strengthen PAFI’s image as a premier industry forum for the public affairs professionals.
  • Grow PAFI as not-for-profit organization with close linkages with all stakeholders with clear articulation of its objectives.
  • To build competencies within PAFI to strengthen the functioning of the organization as a strong industry voice on issues of national and business importance
  • Work closely with the Office Bearers, Managing Committee members, all Founding Members, Steering Committee members and the Executive Director on day-to-day issues of PAFI including administration, finance, and business development.
  • To build regional outreach specially in South & West India.


  • To engage with all stakeholders to build a strong PAFI brand
  • To plan, execute the PAFI events such as the Annual Forum, Annual Lecture, Round Tables and PAFI Dialogues
  • To work towards establishing PAFI as a think tank on issues of interest to member companies
  • To build processes within PAFI for strengthening the engagement with members
  • Expand the membership of PAFI through a strong outreach programme
  • Identify new areas and sectors for expanding PAFIs networks and reach


  • Ability to work with tight timelines and multiple stakeholders
  • Have a good understanding of Indian and global policy issues
  • Have an ability to work with multiple teams and have a good understating of business and public affairs in India
  • Ability to identify and engage with right stakeholders


  • Anticipating regulatory and media pressure and working proactively to mitigate them
  • Scout for opportunities for business, social and media alliances to enhance the efficacy of PAFI initiatives
  • Manage relationships with multiple stakeholders and influence them
  • Working with the entire membership


  • Development of stakeholder engagement strategies and its successful implementation.
  • Build a strong base for enlarging the membership of PAFI
  • Build a strong process for a smooth administrative functioning of PAFI
  • Help create specific properties for PAFI that will help in deepening the stakeholder engagement.
  • Help PAFI in creation of strategy notes and discussion papers to be shared with important stakeholders.



ESSENTIAL : Advanced degree beyond graduate level education in a university or equivalent

DESIRED : Previous experience in public affairs either at a company or industry association

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS (IF ANY) : Excellent command over written & spoken English, command over other regional languages will be helpful.

INTERNAL CUSTOMERS : Office Bearers of PAFI, Managing Committee of PAFI, Executive Director, Membership of PAFI

EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS : Regulators & government officials, civil society, multilateral agencies, media and other industry associations


Please send your application to [email protected]