PAFI Dialogues

PAFI Dialogues 2024-25

PAFI Dialogues 2024-25 29th May 2024

India – USA commercial relations : Looking beyond the elections

PAFI Dialogues 2024-25 24th May 2024

Principles of Policy Making: Post-election Agenda in India and the United States

PAFI Dialogues 2024-25 20th May 2024

PAFI on the Campaign Trail

PAFI Dialogues 2024-25 10th May 2024

Agenda 2024 – Priorities for the New Government

PAFI Dialogues 2024-25 10th May 2024

Managing India’s Growth Amidst Global Headwinds

PAFI Dialogues 2024-25 10th May 2024

Public Affairs in India – An Evolving Landscape

PAFI Dialogues 2024-25 2nd May 2024

FICCI’s Public Policies Plan for 2024-25

PAFI Dialogues 2024-25 26th April 2024

Strategizing India’s Economic Rise Globally

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 22nd March 2024

Evolving Trust in institutions and the nature of today’s multi-stakeholder business environment

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 14th February 2024

Women led development – Opportunities for the Industry

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 19th January 2024

Pafi Dialogue with Shri Rohit Kumar Singh

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 21st December 2023

Pafi Dialouge with Shri Rajesh Kumar Singh

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 21st December 2023

Pafi Dialogue with Shri S. Krishnan

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 7th December 2023

The State Elections and Way to 2024

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 27th September 2023

India’s Amrit Kaal: Implications on the Private Sector

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 27th September 2023

India@2030, Priorities of CII & Initiatives

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 22nd September 2023

Dialogues between Dr. T.R.B. Raja, Minister of Industries, Tamil Nadu and PAFI SC/MC Members

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 11th May 2023

On the occasion of Annual General Meeting

PAFI Dialogues 2023-24 6th April 2023

BJP and it’s Global Outreach

PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 27th March 2023

Coping with Geopolitics Uncertainty – How Business Must Deal with an Unfamiliar Challenge

PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 3rd February 2023

Post Budget Panel Discussion

PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 20th January 2023


PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 22nd December 2022

Balancing Consumer Interest with Ease of Doing Business

PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 9th December 2022

Good Governance for Public Service Delivery

PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 25th November 2022

US-India Commercial Relationship

PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 12th August 2022

Roundtable on India’s Digital and Trade Ambition: Seizing Opportunities at the G20, IPEF, and Quad

PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 9th June 2022

Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT)

PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 17th May 2022

On a Range of Policy Issues Across Sectors

PAFI Dialogues 2022-23 12th April 2022

Initiatives taken by FSSAI to democratise Food Safety and role that Private Sectors can play

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 25th March 2022

The World in Disorder : Economic Challenge and Opportunities

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 16th March 2022

Data Accessibility and Use for Socio-Economic Development

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 3rd February 2022

Budget 2022 – An Analysis

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 27th January 2022

Data Protection Framework

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 21st January 2022

State of Economy & Budget Expectations

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 13th December 2021

Pleasure of Doing Business with States (Rajasthan)

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 24th November 2021

COP 26 & Implications for Industry in India

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 17th September 2021

India’s Economic & Commercial Relations

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 3rd September 2021

Investing In Rajasthan

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 12th August 2021

PAFI Dialogue With
Co-editors of the Book

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 16th July 2021

Building Back Better: Rethinking the “How” of Infrastructure in India

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 2nd July 2021

Cyber Security in the New Normal

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 25th June 2021

Role of Digital in Post-Covid Transformation of India

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 18th June 2021

India’s Foreign Policy in the post-Covid World New Vulnerabilities, New Opportunities

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 23rd April 2021

PAFI Annual General Meeting

PAFI Dialogues 2021-22 9th April 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination and the National Digital Health Mission

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 10th February 2021

Central Budget 2021 – 22 (Long Term Economic Directions)

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 18th December 2020

Opportunities and Challenges in the Water Sector

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 4th December 2020

Challenges for India’s economic recovery in 2021

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 20th November 2020

Biden Presidency: Implications for India

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 14th August 2020

Dialogue with PAFI & EBG Members

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 5th August 2020

The COVID Policy Window: Challenges and Opportunities

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 1st July 2020

Navigating 2020 – Business Continuity, Investments & Reforms in India

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 26th June 2020

Investment and Business Opportunities in Karnataka

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 23rd June 2020

Dialogue with Members

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 18th June 2020

Indo-US Emerging Economic & Political Scenario

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 12th June 2020

India’s Economic Roadmap – Role of Private Sector

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 9th June 2020

Dialogue with Members

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 3rd June 2020

Dialogue with Members

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 29th May 2020

Shape of Post-Covid Indian Economy

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 19th May 2020

Politics of Pandemic – How a Transformed Geopolitics will Impact Business

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 15th May 2020

Haryana – Business, Opportunities & Investment

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 8th May 2020

Business in UP and COVID-19

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 1st May 2020

Business Opportunities in Telangana and Impact of COVID-19

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 24th April 2020

Business and Investment Opportunities in Punjab & Impact of COVID-19 on the State and Economy

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 22nd April 2020

Making Life and Livelihood Possible.

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 20th April 2020

Stress Management In These Turbulent COVID – 19 Times

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 17th April 2020

Managing Supply Chain During Lockdown: Challenges & Solutions

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 15th April 2020

Response Related Activities of COVID – 19

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 15th April 2020

COVID 19 and its Impact on Doing Business in and from India.

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 14th April 2020

Tracking & Analyzing Policy

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 10th April 2020

COVID-19 & Indian Economy

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 9th April 2020

Will we ever be ready for a Pandemic! A Practical approach of Managing Business During COVID -19 Time

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 3rd April 2020

Geo Economics of COVID 2019

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 2nd April 2020

Covid-19 & India

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 1st April 2020

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 27th March 2020

Webinar on – COVID-19 Impact & Initiatives

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 27th March 2020

Webinar on – COVID-19 Impact & Initiatives

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 14th February 2020

Role of Public Policy Professionals in Corporate Strategy

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 7th February 2020

Government Relations, Policy Advocacy and Communications in corporates

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 31st January 2020

Leadership Challenges at Times of Activism

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 17th January 2020

State of Economy & Upcoming Budget

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 18th December 2019

Role of Economic Offence Wing of Delhi Police and Safe Living

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 3rd December 2019

Public Affairs 2.0: Learnings for India

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 22nd November 2019

Challenges in Aviation Industry

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 30th August 2019

GOI initiatives for Environment

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 2nd August 2019

Healthcare – The Way Forward

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 14th June 2019

Brexit – its Impact on Business and India-UK Relations

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 20th May 2019

Oil as a Driver of Economy and its Impact on multi-sectoral Growth

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 26th April 2019

Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, Special Secretary, GST Council

PAFI Dialogues 2018-19 6th December 2018

Current State of Play at the WTO and What Industry can do in Influencing the Negotiations on Reforms at WTO

PAFI Dialogues 2018-19 27th September 2018

Interaction with Mr. Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General of FICCI & Ms. Jaya Row, Founder, Vedanta Vision – Awaken the Leader in You

PAFI Dialogues 2018-19 30th August 2018

Priorities for Indian Industry and how CII is dealing with it

PAFI Dialogues 2018-19 27th July 2018

Interaction with Ms. Anna Roy, Advisor and Head of Department (Industry, Data Management & Analysis) in NITI Aayog

PAFI Dialogues 2018-19 30th May 2018

Session on European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

PAFI Dialogues 2018-19 20th April 2018

PAFI – Annual General Meeting

PAFI Dialogues 2017-18 16th March 2018

GST Implementation and Way Forward

PAFI Dialogues 2017-18 12th January 2018

Dr. Randeep Guleria and Mr. Shailendra Singh Interaction

PAFI Dialogues 2017-18 17th November 2017

Meeting with Sunil Porwal, Additional Chief Secretary – Industries, Government of Maharashtra & Mantralaya, Mumbai

PAFI Dialogues 2017-18 10th November 2017

CSE’s current initiatives and what stakeholders can do to meet the current environmental challenges

PAFI Dialogues 2017-18 31st October 2017

Initiatives for Digital India

PAFI Dialogues 2017-18 10th October 2017

Globalisation Trends in Digital Age

PAFI Dialogues 2017-18 27th July 2017

Interaction with Mr. Ramesh Abhishek, Secretary, DIPP, GOI

PAFI Dialogues 2017-18 5th July 2017

Key Takeaways from Prime Minister Modi’s USA Visit

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 28th February 2017

Mr. C. K. Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 15th February 2017

Findings of the 2017 Trust Barometer

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 13th January 2017

The Government’s Budget post Demonetization

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 25th November 2016

Best practice sharing – How we managed a challenge to our brand

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 21st November 2016

Pros & cons of demonetisation

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 21st November 2016

Ease of Doing Business in Telangana

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 25th October 2016

Meeting with Mr. R. R. Rashmi

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 30th September 2016

PAFI Members visit the Lok Sabha Secretariat

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 12th August 2016

Trade Agreements & Impact on Domestic Policy Making

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 1st July 2016

Panel Discussion on Draft GST Law

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 27th May 2016

Rethinking Strategy to Cope with Future – Tracking

PAFI Dialogues 2015-16 22nd March 2016

Workshop on Public Affairs – Engaging Stakeholders

PAFI Dialogues 2015-16 4th March 2016

Analysis of Budget 2016

PAFI Dialogues 2015-16 12th February 2016

What To Expect From The Union Budget

PAFI Dialogues 2015-16 15th January 2016

Members Only Luncheon Meet

PAFI Dialogues 2015-16 6th October 2015

Members only meet

PAFI Dialogues 2015-16 17th September 2015

Public Affairs: Managing & Engaging Stakeholders

PAFI Dialogues 2015-16 29th May 2015

One Year of Modi

PAFI Dialogues 2014-15 12th February 2015

What to expect from the Union Budget

PAFI Dialogues 2014-15 10th February 2015

Managing Stakeholders – One Day Workshop on Public Affairs

PAFI Dialogues 2014-15 13th January 2015

Members only meet with Mr. Ashok Lavasa

PAFI Dialogues 2014-15 23rd December 2014

Economic Challenges/Opportunities Facing the Government Ahead of the Budget

PAFI Dialogues 2014-15 28th July 2014

Discussion on Central Budget 2014-15

PAFI Dialogues 2014-15 28th May 2014

Threats & Compulsions before the new Government

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 28th March 2014

The Economic Agenda and Priorities post May 2014 Elections

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 14th February 2014

The Competition Act and New Challenges to Industry

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 16th January 2014

Public Affairs : European Perspective

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 25th September 2013

PAFI Inaugural – Debate

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 23rd August 2013

Principal Speechwriter to the Prime Minister of India

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 8th July 2013

Mr. Ravi Venkatesan: ‘Win in India, Win Everywhere’

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 19th June 2013

Governance in the Context of the Current Business Environment

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 24th May 2013

Discussion on The Political And Economic Scenario

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 26th April 2013

Sustaining Growth: Constraints and Responses