31st August 2023

First meeting of SAFE Public Policy

First meeting of SAFE Public Policy – 25 August 2023

The first meeting of SAFE Public Policy was held in New Delhi on 25 August 2023 under the Chatham House Rule.

The purpose and focus of the council were discussed and ideas shared by members to enhance the presence of women in decision-making roles, creating secure work environments for all, increasing women’s workforce participation, acknowledging the importance of the CARE economy, establishing inclusive models for rural and urban areas, and promoting sustainability.

Apoorva Bapna, Chief Culture Officer, WPP India, shared her thoughts on ‘Gender Divide and Beyond—How to Build Diversity in an Organisation’s DNA.’ She highlighted the significance of diversity in organisational success and outlined strategies to encourage it. The need to celebrate women leaders as role models and the challenges in reintegrating women post-break were discussed in the ensuing conversation.

A very engaging conversation with Dr. Rajiv Kumar, former vice-chairperson of NITI Aayog and Chairman of Pahle India Foundation, on the topic, ‘The Urban Approach to Policymaking’, followed. Dr. Kumar underscored the need for policymakers to understand the differences between urban and rural India and emphasised the role that industry associations can play to bridge the divide.