8th National Forum 2021

Reviving the Economy: Reimagine. Reboot. Reform

The theme of PAFI’s 8th National Forum 2021, held virtually on 21st and 22nd October 2021, was “Reviving the Economy: Reimagine. Reboot. Reform”

The Forum featured over 70 leaders from all over the world sharing their insights through 16 curated sessions.

With Telangana as the state partner, PAFI’s 8th National Forum 2021 focused on the possible steps required, across the stakeholder universe, to ensure economic growth that would help in correcting the social imbalances amplified by the pandemic.  PAFI’s National Forum was a platform for interactive deliberations via discussions,
debates and dialogues amongst various stakeholders and set the direction for broader policy and economic agenda emerging from active participation and interaction across a diverse set of stakeholders.  These included Union Ministers, State Ministers, Government officials from the central and state, as well as global & multilateral organisations, ceos, media, thinktanks and legislators.