10th Annual Forum 2023

India’s Vision @ 2030: 3rd Largest Economy – Issues, Ideas, Implementation

PAFI’s Annual Forum celebrated its 10th year in 2023.

In this last decade, PAFI’s Annual Forum has been a platform for interactive deliberations and has defined the direction for long-term broader policy and economic agenda.

The discussion, debates and dialogues emerging from active participation and interaction with a diverse set of stakeholders at the annual forum has contributed to developing a conducive growth and development-oriented policy framework. The Annual Forums over the decade have witnessed active participation by the Government—Ministers both from the Centre and States, officials representing central and state governments, CEOs, opinion leaders, shapers, members of global and multilateral organisations, media, think-tanks, academia, social and young entrepreneurs and legislators.

The Context

The 10th year of the Annual Forum emphasised the key areas of India’s growth trajectory. The theme – INDIA’S VISION @ 2030: 3RD LARGEST ECONOMY – ISSUES, IDEAS, IMPLEMENTATION explored how India can continue to sustain and accelerate this positive momentum over the next seven years.