PAFI Councils and Initiatives

Following extensive deliberations during the 2023 Annual General Meeting, PAFI has initiated a process to organise members along sectors and areas of interest through establishing specialised councils. This strategic decision stems from recognising various crucial developments on the domestic and international fronts.

Domestically, drafting critical legislation across sectors and shifts in consumption and expenditure patterns have necessitated a more comprehensive approach to public policy. Simultaneously, international dynamics, characterised by changes in the global order and realignments in the global supply chain, underscore the need for deeper engagement of the public affairs community with internal and external stakeholders.

PAFI has identified the establishment of sector-specific councils and issue-based initiatives as a key solution to foster trust-based information exchange, facilitate perspective sharing, and cultivate consensus building on vital policy matters. These councils will be prominent platforms for open and collaborative discussions among members.

The councils will promote a more professional and structured approach to policy formulation, ensuring that the collective expertise of PAFI members is harnessed effectively. By leveraging the wealth of knowledge within the association, these initiatives will impact the policy landscape and contribute significantly to the broader socio-economic growth.